Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh wow, I am an idiot.

So I was looking at my sock A trying to figure out what the heck I did wrong on the esc stitches for the leg of the sock, and it just wasn't making sense. Then I looked at the instructions for the sock again and realized that I actually did the esc on the leg correctly. Then the heel called for a different stitch, the long split single crochet, and then switched back to the esc for the foot. Well, when I made the first sock, I kept doing the lssc rather than going back to the esc, somehow thinking in my head that the lssc was the esc. This, consequently, made this sock much more difficult than it needed to be. Also, it totally isn't the sock the pattern actually makes. Sigh.

So, knowing what I did, I will be now at least be able to make sock two match sock one. Also, that means my next pair of socks that I make will actually be the ones the pattern is for.

Sigh, can I blame the baby for mixing up the stitches? That seems like something I can blame on being a new mom, right?

Okay, well, back to the hooks. I have the second round of frogging to do on this sock before I can actually start making it correctly.

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