Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Darn it!

So I only have six squares left to make for the flower box afghan. Yay!

I got the first sock finished and a big chunk of the second sock started. Yay!

Then I finished the number of rows I used to make the leg of the first sock and realized something was not right. Turns out that when figuring out one of the primary stitches in the pattern (extended single crochet) on the first sock, I actually did the stitch completely wrong for the whole leg and didn't start getting it right until I got to the heel. Okay, that sucks, sure, but no biggie--except on the second sock I was doing the stitch correctly and so the length, thickness, and appearance of the second sock is completely different from the first. Boo!

I spent almost all of the first sock thinking how I really wasn't a fan of the esc stitch and then on the second was just starting to think maybe it wasn't so bad and I just needed to get used to it...sigh.

It wouldn't be an issue if I wasn't already finished with the first sock. I think I have figured out what I did wrong though and so I frogged the second sock back to the start of the leg and am trying to replicate sock one. We'll have to see how it goes. I'm 12 rows in at the moment (out of a theoretical 26), and I can't tell if it looks the same or not. I may have to wait until I hit row 26 to decide. Grr.

Anyhoo, so that's been my week in crochet so far. I'll have some pictures for you this weekend, regardless of where I am with sock number two.

My super wonderful mother in law is coming over tomorrow to watch the baby for a bit so I can go get a haircut and run some other un-baby-friendly errands. Woohoo! Other than that my week is just plodding along.

More to come in the next update.

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