Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And an incredibly bad but awesome idea is born...

Well, I finished the Flower Box Afghan today--there will be more on that (and pictures) later in the week--but that's not what this post is about. Oh, no.

I happen to read a lot of webcomics--and a lot of those webcomics happen to be about gaming. I am not a huge gamer, and while I do enjoy the occasional console or PC game, I tend to get easily distracted and very rarely finish said games. But I love the world/community and gaming and gamers lend themselves to a certain level of humor and self-mocking that is just beautiful, thus I read the gaming webcomics. Anyway, what that has to do with crocheting is that the current story arc on one of my favorite comics, Real Life Comics, combines video games and, wait for it...CROCHET!!! Here are the strips in question:

Hopefully they are big enough to read, but if not, go to the link above and check it out starting with Monday October 19.

Anyhoo, I read the first one and thought, huh, that would be kind of neat. A lot of work, but really neat. Then I shared the strip with my husband, who is a much more serious gamer than I. And he got super excited when I said it would be kind of cool to make a Yoshi (little green dinosaur from Super Mario World, for the uninitiated) blanket. So the more we joked about it, the more serious we both got about the project. He went and found me a sprite of Yoshi (that's a pixelated image) and I have spent the last two hours or so with my graph paper and colored pencils figuring out the pattern, and how many squares, and dimensions and how much yarn, etc.

So. The plan is drawn up. The research is done. Using Red Heart Classic yarn (they have a much better color selection for what I need and the stiffer acrylic will actually make a much better image, I think) I will be able to make a roughly 4' by 4' blanket containing 1088 1.5" squares. I won't be able to get started until December or so, probably, and it is going to take FOREVER to make, but I am so doing this. At the very least, this will ratchet my geek cred into the stratosphere.

Of course, my husband is now planning about five more Super Mario World themed blankets for me to make after this one...

Peace out, y'all. Have a super week.

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