Thursday, April 3, 2008

In progress...

So, I have about two weeks left to finish my current project. It is a birthday present for a very good friend of mine. I was hoping to document the pattern as I went and then be able to make at least two more (one for my nephew and one for myself), but it looks like my friend is going to be getting a one of a kind original, because I apparently suck at documenting patterns, and also, I don't know that I'll want to go through this again.

What I am making is a stuffed Hobbes doll, as in Calvin and Hobbes. Here is the picture I am using as a guide:

And here's what I've got as of tonight:

All I've got left is the head. Of course, that's probably going to be the really tricky part, but we shall see I suppose. I guess I could have stuffed the body before photographing it, but the idea of having a decapitated Hobbes lying around the house is just creepy. Anyhoo, as I said, two weeks to go. I hope H likes it. I think he will, but I might get him a gift card to Chipotle too, just in case.

Maybe after I get some other projects under my belt I may come back to this and try it in a smaller size? Hmm...I am not sure.

For anyone interested, I am using Red Heart sport weight yarn in Pumpkin, Black, and White. It looks like about 1 1/2 to 2 skeins each of the orange and black, and about one skein of white will go into this. I feel like the orange might be a little too bright, but I am not finding a highly wide range of orange yarns available, and I feel it is at least appropriately tiger-ish.

Meanwhile, my newly adopted jinxlet, Mr. Picasso Pants, is ready to help me with my next project, a birthday blanket for a friend turning 30 early next month. See, he's all raring to go.

I'm kind of excited about this project too, I found a really nifty variegated yarn, which you can kind of see in the photo. I only hope A likes it as much as I do!

Well, until next time folks. Enjoy yourselves!



Kristi said...

OMG. He is going to flip!

You rock!

Jay Travis said...

Hey! i came across this while searching for plans to make a hobbes doll for myself :-) i have been reading calvin and hobbes since before i could even read them and have had every book as it came out since i was a kid.. i would love to learn how to knit (or crochet?) to make one for me and one for a friend, as bill watterson is very opposed to merchandising i feel you will never find one elsewhere. Good luck! if you have any tips for a beginner i am all ears :-) -jay