Sunday, February 7, 2010

Warm Feet = Love

At least, they do in my house. So part of my hubby's Valentine's Day present will be a new pair of house socks.

After many starts and frogs and starts and frogs I finally came up with a pair that I was pretty happy with. Here is the result:

Hopefully he will be happy with them as well! I used a fairly simple pattern, Ribbed Socks by Linda. This is actually a very quick project, I just had issues with yarn and with which pattern I wanted to do, and with finding time to work on them without my hubby seeing, which is why I had so many issues getting them made. Since they are more about being comfy than being pretty, I used just basic Red Heart yarn. I did modify the pattern a bit (of course). I only did the ribbing effect (achieved by sc in back loop only) for the cuff of the sock, rather than the whole thing. I had a pair of house socks made from this pattern for a while (wore them out), and I remember the ribbing feeling a little weird on the bottom of my feet.

The Yoshi blanket is rolling along nicely still. No picture this week though. I also started a second pair of socks last night. They are a thank you gift for my mother-in-law because she is going to watch the baby Friday night so the hubby and I can go out to dinner for our V-Day celebration. Mmm, P.F. Chang's here we come. We were trying to figure out if we could go see Miranda Lambert at Billy Bob's also, but she doesn't go on until 10:30 and I don't know if I am up for being up that late or gone from the baby that long. I may have some clinginess issues still...

And finally, in other news, I discovered a while back that Red Heart makes a sock yarn, Heart and Sole. I have made it a personal mission to find all washer/dryer friendly sock yarn that I can, so I thought I would give this a try. I got my first skeins of it yesterday, in Toasted Almond, which is a nice mixture of browns. So I am looking forward to getting to try that out.

That's all I've got for you guys for now. It dawns on me I need to get started on my February swap squares soon, but they will have to wait until after the MIL's socks are finished.

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!

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