Sunday, January 10, 2010

A week in which progress occurred.

Man, I actually feel like I got some crafting accomplished this week, huzzah! I hope you all had a wonderful week as well.

First up, I got my sister swap blanket from my sister assembled. Here is a shot of the finished project:

She is aiming to have her set of squares assembled this month, so once I get a picture of her finished project, I'll post it as well. We also talked about doing another swap this year and decided to go for it. We are going to do it a little differently this time though. Instead of doing the same pattern each month, we are each going to pick out our own set of patterns and surprise each other. I have the color scheme picked out for the squares I want to make her this year, but I need to choose the patterns. I plan to get that going this week, I think.

Next up, I got the first two rows of my Yoshi blanket completed, yay! This is seriously going to be a long-term project, because otherwise I think I will drive myself crazy with all of the teeny squares, but my goal is to get at least six rows done each month.

Here's a shot of the first two rows:

It doesn't look like much, I know, but I do think it is going to turn out really well. As an added bonus, I mentioned to my husband, as I take pictures of each chunk of progress, it is going to look like a picture that is downloading. Considering that the whole idea is I am taking a pixelated computer graphic and translating it into crochet, I thought that was pretty nifty.

Here is a closer shot of the squares:

Oodles and oodles (1000+) of teeny tiny squares. Yeah, I am definitely going to take my time on this one.

I'll close up with some news on the knitting front. I got my "starter kit" and my copy of The Knitting Answer Book this week, so I've started trying to work that out. I've got casting on down, but the knit stitch (you know, the building block basic stitch of knitting) is giving me some trouble. It keeps coming out as a purl. I think I know why it is doing this, I just don't know how to fix it. I have discussed with my mother a little and looked in the books some more, and I think my next step up is to hit the internet for some video tutorial help. So keep your fingers crossed for me!

Until next week, I hope you all have a groovy time!

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