Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ooh, bonus...

Well, sadly, I have to report that I did not get any crocheting done this week. Bad Cori. Not really a surprise though, with a newborn taking up so much of my time. We are slowly figuring out a way to balance out her needs and wants with me getting to engage in my normal activities though. This past week we tackled cleaning and reading. Next up, crocheting and computer time. My goal for this week is to get my September square made/mailed and to finish at least four more squares for my current afghan project. Fingers crossed.

On the plus side though, since it's the first post of the month, I do have photos of last month's squares for you, yay! The pattern for August was St. Petersburg by Jan Eaton. It is available in the book 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Squares, and Afghans.

Here is the one I made my sis:

And here is the one she made me:

I really dug this pattern. I could see making a whole blanket out of this that would look really groovy. Also, it was my first chance to make a square out of my block patterns book, so that was fun. I will have to look through it for our October square pattern, methinks. Ooh, I hope I can get back into finding some crochet time each day, or at least a few days a week. Once I get my scrap yarn blanket done I want to find projects for some of the special yarn I have been accumulating over the last year. I have a feeling most of those might be socks, but I think if I am only crocheting a little a day, I might not get as bored/frustrated with the patterns. I dunno, we'll see I guess. Fingers crossed.

Anyhoo, I don't know if I've mentioned this, but since our mom is also very big into fiber crafts (she is an extremely talented knitter), we decided to ask her to contribute to our swap. So instead of doing a square for December, our mom knitted a square for each of us, and that will go into the final blankets (which we will assemble in December). Mom went ahead and worked up our squares while she was visiting in August, and here is the one she made for my blanket:

Awesome, huh?

Well that's about it for me this week. I'll wrap up with a baby update, for those who are interested. Baby girl had her first well baby check-up this past Monday (two weeks) and she has gained back her birth weight and then some. She's still teeny but definitely growing. Doctor said she is looking great, yay! For the most part she is sleeping really well at night--she usually takes her long break between feedings (four to five hours), and then sleeps pretty solidly between the two hour intervals as well. Let's hope this lasts. Also, I am slowly getting more comfortable taking her out of the house. She made her public debut at the church luau last weekend and then Friday we ate out with her for the first time. She and I went to the grocery store by ourselves on Thursday without incident. She came to church this morning and was extremely well behaved, yay! For my part, I am doing alright. I am a little frayed around the edges, but the getting out of the house definitely helps. My husband has been amazing, and thanks to his night owl nature is able to have some Daddy time with her at night when I am ready for bed but she still feels like staying up. Also, he has offered to work from home one day this week and watch her while I take myself to a movie. That will be nice for sure.

So that's what's up in Cori-land. I hope things are equally groovy with all of you! Have a wonderful week and a very happy Labor Day!

Until next time,

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