Sunday, September 20, 2009

Progress and diversions.

Ahh, another Sunday, another update. I've got 29 out of 56 squares done on my Flower Box Afghan. Just over halfway done, yay! Of course, then I have to assemble them. That's going to be an interesting jigsaw puzzle to be sure.

I also did decide to go ahead and embark on my second Great Sockmaking Adventure. So far this one isn't nearly the epic failure that the first GSA turned into. In order to make sure that I don't neglect my primary project (the blanket), I have to complete two squares of the blanket before I am allowed to work on the sock on any given day. Of course, if I end up traveling somewhere, obviously the more portable sock project would be the one I would take along (another reason I wanted to start giving socks a go again).

So, to business, or to details, rather. I am making the pattern Easy Does It by Janet Rehfeldt. It can be found in the book Crocheted Socks! 16 Fun-to-Stitch Patterns. My mom got me this book for my birthday two years ago, and I am glad to finally be able to try a pattern from it.

I am using Lion Brand's Sock-Ease in Taffy. I had actually purchased this yarn late last year or early in this year to use for a sweater but that wasn't working out, so now I have several skeins of it that I intend to use for socks. Gee, go figure. I am actually liking it so far, though I think it works up much better with the plastic hook than with the metal one. The pattern calls for two hooks--E for the cuff and D for the body of the sock. My E hook is plastic and my D is metal--if D is the standard sock size hook I think I may have to invest in a plastic one from LB soon.

Anyhoo, here's a peek at how it's going so far:

Good times. In other crochet news, my grandparents are visiting for the week and my grandmother noticed that a blanket she crocheted for me over twenty years ago (I still use and love this blanket) had an unraveling border. So she is fixing it for me. :o) That's kind of completely awesome. This is, by the way, the grandmother that taught me to crochet.

And, finally, in baby news, things still go pretty well. Baby girl has started to be a bit colicky but so far from everything I have heard from other parents it could still be much much worse. She is still remarkably well behaved in public, and I am extremely grateful for that to be sure. And, last but not least, her umbilical cord finally fell off this afternoon! I think she was trying to hold out for a record or something, I mean, she's only five weeks now. Golly.

But that's where things stand for me. I hope you are all happy and well! Have a super week folks.


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