Wednesday, April 1, 2009

J'ai fini!

Happy April y'all!

For some reason yesterday I just got totally inspired and completely finished up my sweater.  I have no idea what came over me...heck I even started my next project.  Now if only I could get that burst of energy when it comes to cleaning my house, right?

Anyway, sorry, I got distracted.  Some lady on The Price Is Right just won three grandfather clocks.  What does someone do with three grandfather clocks?  

Okay, back on track.  Here are some photos of the finished product, yay!

This one is just the sweater:

Here is a close-up shot of the edging.  It was just two rows of single crochet around all of the openings (armholes, neckhole, and bottom), but it looks really cool:

Here's a "model shot" for you:

It's a little blurry, so here's another that's a bit more clear, and closer in:

As you can see there is a little bit of stretching (mostly in the belly and bust area--which are larger than normal at the moment due to the baby)--but other than that it actually fits (or will in a few months, anyway).  I am so proud of me!  I had originally wanted this to be a summer top, but I actually think this might end up being a cute vest to wear over polos and button down tops.

Again, this was super easy to make, without looking super simplistic in design.  I totally recommend this for a first time sweater-maker in the crochet arena.  

The pattern was the "Serene Shell" pattern, available for free at Lion Brand's website.  I used the LB Collection Cotton Bamboo yarn in Snapdragon.  I really do like this yarn.  It is affordable and very easy to work with (as long as you pay attention to where your hook goes).  I will probably be using this yarn for future projects for sure.

Anyway, I just got excited that I finished already and wanted to share.  As it is now April (how did it get here so quickly???) I will post my March swap squares this weekend.  The pattern for our April squares is one of my favorites, Windowpane.  I will get that done today or tomorrow most likely.  

When I post this weekend I will also tell you more about my new project--a blanket for the baby.  It's kind of exciting for both my crochet and nerdy selves, so I am super jazzed about it.

Well, that's all I've got for now. 

Have a safe (and hopefully prank-free) April 1!


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