Friday, April 24, 2009

Turns out the Jungle Fun blanket...not so much fun.

Okay, I know I missed my post this week, but there are reasons.  Let me 'splain...

I started my second baby blanket, based on the stitch from the Serene Shell I recently finished, a week ago this past Sunday (um, I think that was on Easter).  I got this far in one evening:

Then I went to work on it some more the next day, got one row added, and realized that I was kind of bored with the pattern and it probably was not going to work for an entire blanket.

Having four skeins of yarn to use, I grabbed another one and started doing a granny square type pattern instead to see how that looked, and this is what I got:

But I wasn't completely happy with this iteration either.  So I set them both aside for a day to give it some thought on where I would go from there....and got totally wrapped up in the book series I am reading (Wheel of Time) and haven't done any crochet since.  

Last night, however, my cat decided to intervene in my attempt to escape from my creative block:

So I find myself with no choice but to try again.  My goal for this weekend is to get a firm restart on this blanket, and if I am still not making any headway I think I may pick up a different project to work in the interim.

And that's where I'm at.

Hope you're all having a good one, and have a fantastic weekend!

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