Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh look, another blanket.

I started the blanket for my friend's parents on Sunday and I am making pretty decent progress so far. I've got two out of six rows completed plus two squares. I think I can finish row three today, so fingers are crossed on that. I've got two and a half discs of Babylon 5 to keep me company while I work on it. Should be a fun day.

Here are some photos to show you the blanket and my progress.

This is what the individual square looks like:

It's got a really fun texture. The squares are placed to each other going in alternating directions, like so:

I know this first chunk is a little wobbly looking, but as I continue to join them, they are squaring off really nicely. You can see this in the shot of the first two rows:

I haven't looked too closely at the instructions for the border yet, but they appear to be a reiteration of the square's pattern, so that should come out looking really nicely.

My husband would like me to point out that I nearly beheaded myself taking this last photo (I was standing on the bed to get a good shot and almost walked into the ceiling fan, which was definitely on at the time). It's all in the name of crochet though, so totally worth it.

I hope you all have a really great holiday week. I am looking forward to my Friday off that's for sure.

Happy Independence Day all.


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