Sunday, July 6, 2008

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Let's see, I've got a few things to report this week.

I'm making excellent progress on the current blanket. I've got five out of the six rows completed. I plan to get half of the last row done tonight and then finish up the border by Thursday or Friday. No new photos of that since it's more of the same. I am really pleased with how this blanket is turning out. Hopefully K's parents will be as pleased. I will definitely be using this pattern again.

I've got my next project already all lined up. I stumbled across it on the Lion Brand Yarn site. It's the Circle to Squares Afghan. I am really excited about this. It looks like a fun and easy pattern. I'm even going to try out Vanna White's yarn. I totally missed that she was a fellow crocheter, but that's kind of cool. This is a big step for me--trying a new yarn and all. Should be fun. I'm going to use different colors than those shown in the pattern, of course. I can't ever work a pattern exactly how it's laid out in the instructions for some reason. Must be that rebellious streak. I'm going to make it in blue, white, and silver grey. These are my high school colors--since my 1o year reunion is this fall, I thought that would help me get jazzed up a bit more.

This blanket is also a practice run, because I think I want to use this pattern for the friend's blanket I've been commissioned to make.

Before I start that blanket, however, I need to go through all of my existing yarn to organize and take inventory. Basically I have my patterns and hooks and some yarn hanging out in a popcorn tin and the rest of my yarn is hanging out in a giant bag in my closet. This is really not the most efficient storage/access method.

So that's where I stand at present. It's nice to have some projects lined up.

I hope all is well with everyone. Enjoy your week!


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