Sunday, June 28, 2009

A new plan! I has one...

Well, I had to surrender in my battle against the Mesh Cover Up sweater. After an entire week went by where I worked on it not one bit I have come to realize I apparently really just don't want to make it at the moment. So I have made the decision to frog the sweater, put the pattern on the backburner, and use the yarn for my next project.

My next project will be another, and likely my final, blanket for my baby girl. She's due in a little under two months so I should be able to get this done well ahead of her arrival--assuming I can actually find the motivation to crochet again. Hopefully a change of project is all it will take.

I am making the blanket in a pattern I have made before and loved, but adapting it from a full afghan pattern to a baby sized one, of course. The pattern is #4 from the Leisure Arts "Contest Favorites Afghan Squares" book published in 1997. It was designed by Duaine G. Olsen.

I have previously used this pattern to make a housewarming gift for my best friend's parents. I love this pattern because it has a really cool texture and isn't that hard to make but has a gorgeous end result.

Here is a look at one of the individual squares from my original blanket:

And here is a shot of the finished blanket (sans the border):

To adapt this to a baby blanket I will be doing three things:

1--Using a lighter weight yarn. I've chosen TLC Baby in Powder Green, with the variegated Lovey for the border.
2--Using a smaller hook. The pattern calls for a size H hook but I am going with the size G recommended for the yarn.
3--Making fewer squares. I believe I can make 20 squares with the yarn I have. (The original blanket calls for 48 and is quite large when finished.)

So, there you go. I am going to also attempt not to get overly ambitious about this and just set myself a small daily goal of a minimum of one square a day, but at least two if I get in a groove. Hopefully this will get my hook mojo going again.

Anyhoo, so that's where I am at. I hope you all have a wonderful week. My hubby gets back from his international wandering on Tuesday, so mine should be pretty uphill from there, to be sure.

Take care, and safe travels to those of you who will be on the road during this upcoming holiday weekend!

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