Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy February!

Wow, where does the time go?  Can you guys believe it's already February!  I feel like I've gotten this year off to a pretty good start--now if only I can throw some exercise into my regular routine I'll be even better!  I got two projects finished up this week.  

The first, and biggest was the blanket for my step-father.  I am really happy with how this came out.  It's not huge, but as my friend K pointed out recently, with blankets there's this tendency to make it big enough for "a king sized bed and then six people on the floor" if there's nothing to stop you.  It is definitely big enough to throw on his army issued bed or to curl up with during his down time.  It's also super thick.  Hopefully he will enjoy it.  

Here's a shot of the finished product:

The middle looks a little trippy in the the photo because of the variegated yarn, but it did come out looking pretty spiffy if I do say so myself.

My second finished project of the week was my February square for my sisterly swap project.  We used a pattern called "Jesse's Square" from the 2007 Crochet A Day calendar.  I don't have a link to the pattern, unfortunately, but it's pretty neat.  I'll put up pictures at the start of March. 

In the meantime, here are photos of the squares we produced for January.  The pattern was Supernova (chosen by my sis).  

Here is the one I made for her:  

And here is the one she made for me:

As you can see, she went the more fancy route, so the gauntlet has been thrown.  :o)  I am going to have a lot of fun trying to come up with more creative squares for the coming months.  Though I think making the February square I did at least come up with a color theme.  Nothing too strict, but I think it will make all of the squares tie in a little better.  This is good, it will be a challenge to just make one square at a time and to make it look as cool as possible.  

Anyhoo, next up is my project for the one-skein challenge at my mom's yarn store this month.  I may take it along with me to the Superbowl party this afternoon to start.  

I hope you all have a great Superbowl Sunday and enjoy the week!