Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well it started as one thing...

So I finished my One Skein project for the challenge/fashion show at my mom's store next weekend.  (Only five more days until I fly out to see her, yay!)

I had initially started on this planning to make it a wrist cuff using this pattern by Creativeyarn. 

My flowers came out a little too big to fit the pattern though and I wanted to use up more of the awesome yarn.  

So then I thought I would make enough flowers to attach together to make a bandanna, but that idea didn't really pan out.

I decided to stick with my three blossoms and turn it into a headband instead, though looking at the finished product, I actually think it would make a better choker, so...I think that's what it will get entered as in the "fashion show" at the yarn store.

Here's a not so great shot of the finished product: 

And here's a little bit better shot that gives you a close-up of the flowers and a better look at the colors in the awesome yarn my mom sent me.

You still can't quite get the full effect though.  Hopefully after my trip I'll have a shot of me wearing it for you.  

The yarn, by the way, was a really pretty blue/purple/green/black variegated skein in Poems by Wisdom yarns.  I really dug it.  

That's all I've got for now.  Next up are my first stabs at amigurumi.  Though I do have one potential project to try before then if I can get off my lazy bum and do it.  More on that laters.

Take care all and have a super wonderful Valentine's Day!

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