Sunday, August 9, 2009


One week to go folks--in theory anyway. The doctor seems to think the kiddo will get here pretty darn close to the due date, so my fingers are crossed.

I am pleased to report that my mom (and her kitties) made it in safely last night. We have been entertaining ourselves watching the various cats collide.

It should be a pretty busy week, regardless of when the kid shows up. We've got plenty planned to keep us busy until that happens. Hopefully we'll get to do a tour of some of the yarn stores in the area, so that will be fun. We are definitely going to try to go to the zoo, because I love zoos and I haven't gotten to show my mom the zoo here yet.

Anyhoo, on to crochet goodness. I did manage to finish the burp cloths this week. I only made two because I think I was getting tired of this yarn or something. But here you go:

Here's a closer look at each one:


I was just going to single crochet back and forth all scarf-like but got bored with that fairly quickly. So the first one I did half that way then turned and did another chunk of single crochet at a right angle to the first part, attaching at the end of each row. Then with the second one, I started out in the round, then just added to one side, turned added to the next side, turned, added to the third, and so on. Then I did a contrast stripe and border. I actually think it looks pretty cool.

Now, these were made with basic baby acrylic yarn, so I have no idea how effective they will be in preventing baby goop, but we shall see I suppose. I do have plenty of regular burp cloths as well, just in case.

Next up I want to make a pair of socks or so and maybe some dish scrubbies before moving on to my next blanket project. Should be fun times. I have no idea when/if I will accomplish these things though. Will be interesting to find out, eh?

In the meantime, keep on trucking. Have a great week!

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