Sunday, May 17, 2009

Project Fail

So I had to scrap the Bright Eyes Baby Throw already.  Sigh.

It's not that the pattern is a bad one (it's actually eerily similar to the blanket I just made without a pattern).  The problem is the yarn.  I was using the Lion Brand Homespun yarn, which is super thick and soft, and also textured.  And I could not see the stitches.  I am just not down with a closely stitched pattern and chunky yarn I guess.  Also, I was three fourths of the way to the point where I would stop increasing and start decreasing and I am pretty sure it was nowhere near the right size.  It was actually too small, go figure.  

So, I pulled the whole thing apart.  I thought I'd just try doing a regular granny square with it, since that would be open enough I could at least see where my next set of stitches needed to go.  I started that back on, like Wednesday, and I haven't picked it up since.  I am debating whether or not to continue with this blanket at all or just to move ahead to my next project and save this yarn for something else down the road.  

I really like this yarn, I just don't like working with it.  Bleah.  

I'll probably update once I figure out what to do next on that front.

In other news, I did my sister's swap square, which it just dawned on me I totally meant to mail on Friday and didn't (guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow)--and I absolutely love the pattern for that.  I can't post a pic of the finished square yet, but I really like how it uses different colors to actually come out looking like a flower.  I am already planning a full sized afghan using this square--I am just trying to decide on colors.  So, that's some happy in with the bad, right?

Hope you all have a great week!  Until next time!

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