Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finally something new to report...

Been a while, I know, but I haven't been up to too much on the crochet front lately.  There was a week of cleaning in preparation for a dinner party (and to get rid of the remaining signs of plague in the house).  I did get my sister's March square done that week, but since I couldn't post a photo, I didn't feel like that on its own merited a blog entry.

Then last week I fully intended to get started on that Amigurumi giraffe but I just couldn't face the thought of all of those pieces that would have to be assembled.  Add that to the time change and a nasty turn in the weather and I was honestly completely worthless last week (though I did get an awesome amount of reading done).  

But I am trying to start this week off on a better note.  I realized I am going to wait on the giraffe for a while.  Maybe when I get further along in my pregnancy--the bedding set we want for the hatchling's room is a safari theme, so the giraffe (while not safe as a baby toy) would make a really cute decoration for the room.  

I decided to just jump in to the next project on my list, so now I am working on a really cute sweater.  I got the swatch done yesterday, and happily the gauge seemed to be pretty decent (though without the benefit of blocking because I am on a quest for the perfect blocking tools--my mom has an awesome blocking pad she got from JoAnn's but a search at my local store did not yield any results).  The stitch count was spot on.  The row count was a little short, but as this pattern doesn't call for a specific number of rows but to instead go until you have the correct length in inches, I think it will be okay.  I also ordered an exta skein, just in case.  So my fingers are crossed that it comes out alright.  

The pattern is "Serene Shell" and is available for free at lionbrand.com (I am not putting in the link because you need to register to see their free patterns).  I am using the LB Studio Cotton Bamboo yarn.  The pattern calls for the yarn in Hyacinth (a very pretty blue) but I went for Snapdragon (a nice mellow green, how very St. Patrick's Day appropriate of me) instead.  

Here is a shot of the swatch:

And here is a closer shot so you can see the pattern a little more clearly:

I really like this pattern so far.  It is all just double crochet and v-stitches (which is really just more double crochet) the whole way through, with a little bit of single crochet around the arm holes and neck hole for edging.  I actually might be able to pull this off.  Also, I am totally jazzed about the green, because it gives the pattern a very plant-ish look to me, which I am digging.

The cotton-bamboo yarn is really soft and so far not too bad to work with.  I do find that I need to pay a little bit closer attention with it though because it is easy to stick the hook through just part of the yarn rather than the whole loop if I'm not careful.

So that's where I am.  I will keep y'all updated on the sweater progress.  I am going to try to take my time on this one because I really want it to come out well.  

I also think I will make myself a pair of house slippers this week, because that will be a quick project to work up, and I think it will be perfect for this really awesome skein of yarn I won at my mom's yarn store last month.  

Um...other news...I know I had mentioned that Lion Brand was going to do a sweater this month for their crochet-along, but I wasn't a big fan of the pattern that got picked (there were three that could be voted on), so I decided to just work on projects in my own queue for now.

Also, I totally have started feeling the hatchling move around.  Dude.

That's all for me.  Happy St. Patty's everyone!  Have a wonderful day and stay safe!

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