Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last project of 2008!

Wow, it's almost Christmas, huzzah!  

Here's a look at the finished blanket for my co-worker:

Here's a closer detail of the of the corner of the blanket so you can see the border:

I managed to get it completed Thursday night (due to some work drama that had me wanting to get it finished in time to give to my coworker).  

She loved the blanket!  I had to guess on the colors to use, because it would have been really obvious if I had started asking her about what colors she likes--but it turns out I chose well.  Turquoise is her favorite color, so yay me!  Also, we just got a lovely cold front in last night so she was really looking forward to curling up with it today.  

I am really happy with how this blanket turned out and I think that I am going to make this pattern/style my default blanket unless there is a specific pattern I want to try out.  With the endless variations of colors available this could give me lots of blanket-making possibilities.

Anyhoo, I am officially taking the rest of the year off for any projects.  I have the rest of that baby yarn I want to wind up into balls (then I will use the leftovers for another baby blanket in January), but other than that I am just going to chill, methinks. 

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.



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