Sunday, October 19, 2008


Well, I didn't do much crocheting this week, but I thought I would give you some shots of all of my wedding shawls in action.  

Here I am (on the right) with the other two bridesmaids in all of our shawled glory.

The weather turned out to actually be pretty gorgeous but we still went ahead and wore the shawls.  There were some last minute zipper malfunctions with my dress and one of the other bridesmaid's dress as well, so we decided the shawls would be best to hide the weirdness.  Stupid zippers.  

The bride even decided to wear her shawl as well.  Here's a shot of the happy couple.

It was a beautiful cermony and a really fun party afterwards.  I am kind of beat though, so today is a nice take it easy day.

My goal for this week is to get the gauge figured out for my upcoming sweater and maybe get started on that.  I did get one swatch done last week while it was the right height, the width was not quite where it needed to be, so I need to play around a bit.  More on that as it develops, I'm sure.

I wish everyone a great week!


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